Microscope Test Slides - Test slides for Optical Microscopy and Scanning Electron microscopy (SEM)

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   Updated edition (2023)

Low resolution microscope video of Pinnularia nobilis poroids (Light microscope. Double immersion. 63x/1,40 lens. Polarized light, the polarizers were oriented perpendicular to each other = maximum level of extinction). The fine focus knob has been moved to show different details. Click on the image below to watch the video. Not all Pinnularia nobilis (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg are the same! The most difficult Pinnularia nobilis (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg sample among all the others we keep was chosen for the Diatom Test Slide version 2.0 (measurements were performed using a scanning electron microscope or SEM), in fact not all Pinnularia nobilis (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg in the world have the same poroids measurements!

New article published by Diatom Lab: Barone, S. 2023. Diatoms: the best microscopic objects to check, set and compare optical microscopes and contrast techniques, Microscopy and Analysis, 65: 13-18 (ISSN 2049-4424).
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