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Welcome to www.testslides.com by Diatom Lab: Venture into the Micro and Nano structures!

On this website you can buy Test microscope slides of the highest quality for your microscope!                   
These products are extremely useful to

1) practice using your microscopes at their highest levels!

1) determine the resolving power of your microscope (the resolving power of a microscope is measured by its ability to differentiate two lines or points in an object)!
2) examine the variations in contrast and resolution by regulating the condenser aperture diaphragm
3) understand the importance of correction collar for minimazing spherical aberration
4) examine the variations in resolution by using different wavelengths of light

These Test microscope slides are standardized, in fact each microscope slide has the same production characteristics, please read the important Technological innovations in the table below

Diatom Lab offers state - of - the - art microscope slides and top quality service, to sum up:

1) Diatom Lab's state-of-the-art microscope slides containing micromanipulated Diatoms and Radiolarians are made to last in time and are produced with absolutely Innovative, Modern, Never published, Unique, Professional Techniques and Formulas: the company has greatly improved the old procedures of arranging Diatoms and other microscopic objects in order to meet the high requirements of the most modern and sophisticated microscopy, for a truly extraordinary vision experience!

2) You'll have the best conditions for excellent resolution and contrast, in fact:

A) Diatoms are attached / fixed to the underside of a properly thick cover glass (and not commonly on the microscope slide!), so there is no space between Diatom frustules and cover glass (although this procedure requires special manufacturing precautions): furthermore, mounting to the underside of the cover glass permits to easily use oil immersion objectives too (even those with very short working distance, such as plan-apochromat 63x/1,4 or 100x/1,4)

B) Diatom Lab always uses high refractive index mountants, such as DIATOM³ (Diatom Cubed) that has a refractive index greater than 1.7. All mountants are microfiltered and have an excellent chemical stability (Diatom Lab also offers microscope slides with micro-manipulated Diatoms and Radiolarians for Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), carefully fixed without cover glass and mountant in this case)

C) The unique and self-produced Diatom Lab's NANO-FIXATIVE is really invisible even in phase contrast, darkfield illumination and differential interference contrast (DIC)! Please notice the test at this link, performed by Purdue University Fort Wayne's scanning electron microscope (SEM) on Diatom Lab's microscope slides that contain Diatoms fixed on glass using Diatom Lab's NANO-FIXATIVE (without mountant and cover glass to permit SEM investigations)

D) The customized cover glasses (coverslips) with excellent optical quality are manufactured in Germany specifically for Diatom Lab. They have the following characteristics: highly transparent and achromatic (free of any color distortion); high optical omogeneity (pratically free of inclusions, bubbles, streaks, etc.); high spectral transmission; good planarity; very good chemical stability, and refraction index adjusted for microscopes

E) Diatom Lab's microscope slides are prepared taking into account the cover glass thickness suitable for each preparation

F) Any  new product is thoroughly tested before  it goes to market: for example the new test diatom slides and the new arranged diatom slides are also tested using double immersion microscopy (Zeiss Axio Imager.A2 research microscope + Zeiss Achromatic-aplanatic condenser 1,4 H D Ph DIC + Zeiss Objective M27 63x/1,4 Oil DIC ∞/0,17 and other high aperture Zeiss M27 objectives)

G) Diatom Lab offers perfectly cleaned, selected Diatoms, Radiolarians and other microscopic objects that are micro-manipulated paying attention to their perfect positioning. All the recent and fossil Diatoms and Radiolarians are cleaned in the internal laboratory (using innovative, never published, long and professional techniques that require personal protective equipment)

H) Preparations are free of bubbles and impurities

3) Diatom Lab's Diatoms and Radiolarians can be observed and admired even with a modest microscope (contrast enhancement techniques such as phase contrast, darkfield illumination and differential interference contrast are not necessary) thanks to Diatom Lab's high refractive index mountants used to mount them

4) Diatom Lab's special techniques and mountants ensure that Diatoms and Radiolarians will never change their original position (for example, during shipping or storage): in a few words you wil never see "floating" diatoms and radiolarians

5) Diatom Lab's Innovative, Unique ringing cements are extremely resistant to the  most common immersion oils  used in optical microscopy

6) Diatom Lab always offers many rare and unusual species

7) Before payment you will always receive an email with attached the photographs and photomicrographs of the products you've ordered: what you see is what you get

8) Diatom Lab works with honesty, accuracy and transparency. You'll always receive a paper invoice (if you are a business company) or a paper tax receipt (if you are a private customer) with every purchase

9) All parcels are fully tracked, so that you can check the progress of your items through to delivery. Diatom Lab (Diatom Shop) safely ships WORLDWIDE using microscope mailer cases, bubble wrap and paddled packages: customers of Diatom Lab live in USA, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania

10) Payments are possible using PayPal (no PayPal account needed, just a credit card!) or bank transfer

11) Diatom Lab sells its special products online (by email order) or more rarely through the business eBay page http://www.ebay.com/usr/diatomshop to promote the products to private customers (the eBay account name is diatomshop and starting prices are often symbolic as most bids happen in the final minutes or seconds of each auction. Almost every week Diatom Shop sells many very rare Diatoms on eBay).  Please read more than a thousand 100% positive eBay feedbacks at the following link: eBay feedbacks The company receives a lot of emails and letters of appreciation by direct customers too

Diatom Lab intro

Test diatom slide in other languages: Mikroskop Testpräparat mit Diatomeen (German), Test résolution avec des diatomées (French), Diatomeas para la prueba – test (Spanish),  vetrino test da microscopio con diatomee (Italian),  帶有矽藻的顯微鏡測試載玻片  带有硅藻的显微镜测试载玻片 (Chinese), 珪藻の顕微鏡検査スライド (Japanese),  Lâminas  Preparadas para  Microscópio  para  testar  resolução de  microscópio (Portoguese)

Diatoms in other languages: Diatomeen (German), Diatomée (French), Diatomeas (Spanish), Diatomee (Italian), 硅藻   矽藻 (Chinese), 珪藻 (Japanese), Diatomáceas (Portoguese)

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