Micrometers and Devices - Test slides for Optical Microscopy and Scanning Electron microscopy (SEM)

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Click on this link to download the pdf file. The OPTICAL ABERRATIONS DETECTOR is a very useful Diatom Lab microscope slide that detects optical aberrations - even the most imperceptible ones - in light microscopy, such as:
- Curvature of field (the image appears sharp and crisp in the center or on the edges of the viewfield but not both)
- Distortion (changes in the shape of the image): Barrel distortion and Pincushion distortion
- Spherical aberration (the specimen image appears hazy or blurred and slightly out of focus)
- Chromatic aberration (presence of color fringes at the edges of the borders)
- Astigmatism (the ideal circular point image blurs into a diffuse circle, elliptical patch, or line)
Thanks to this unique microscope slide, you can easily test and compare your objectives, eyepieces, condensers, phototubes, microscope cameras, and magnification changers!
This is an amazing microscope slide in the center of which there are, incredibly, 90.000 microscopic squares having a side of 10 µm (ten micrometres or microns) and 10 µm apart! These microscopic squares also form nine larger squares useful in case of low magnification.
The OPTICAL ABERRATIONS DETECTOR is available in two versions, for transmitted light (with cover glass and montant) and for reflected light (without cover glass.) This slide is excellent for testing macro lenses as well! Buy it at www.diatomshop.com
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Diatom Lab CENTERING DEVICE & MICROMETER GLASS SLIDE is an all-in-one microscope slide that incorporates a centering device to center the microscope and the camera and a stage micrometer for microscope calibration.
The centering device consists of 25 perfect concentric circles, 50  µm (fifty micrometres or microns) thick and 50 µm apart! It is very useful to center the microscope parts (condenser top lens, field iris diaphragm, prisms of the binocular/trinocular head, etc.) and the microscope camera. (It is advisable to make changes to the microscope only if you are an expert.)
The stage micrometer for microscope calibration is a 1 mm Scale with 0,01 mm (10  µm) divisions. The slide can be used in combination with a micrometer eyepiece or a measurement software (for cameras) in order to measure preparations.
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