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DIATOM LAB is the scientific laboratory company based in the North of Italy with the VAT number IT 01635810193 (Partita IVA 01635810193), the registered name DIATOM LAB (di Stefano Barone), and classified as "Research and Development in the field of other Natural Sciences and Engineering"

Our company specialises in:

Ground-breaking Micromanipulation services:

The creation of microscope slides and arrangements of Diatoms, Radiolarians and other microscopic specimens for Optical Microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), produced through innovative, never published, State-of-the-art techniques;

Test slides for Optical Microscopy, produced through new and never published techniques: Venture into the Micro and Nano structures!

Scientific photography and microscopy imaging services: we provide scientific imaging services using our state of the art Zeiss Axio Imager.A2 and other microscopes in full frame or high resolution CMOS camera format. Various illumination techniques are available. Click on this link to dowload the pdf file with the Diatom Lab's Zeiss Axio Imager.A2 microscope configuration (objectives, condensers, etc.)
We can image your specimens, or specimens we prepare on your behalf. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our clients and reputation:

Diatom Lab counts many important research centres, universities, colleges, environmental organizations, and microscope companies from all around the world among its customers. In addition to many private customers who purchase our diatom preparations. Click here for a contract signed with the Italian National Research Council or CNR (https://www.cnr.it/en). Other clients are not public bodies, therefore cannot be listed here for privacy reasons. For feedback from private customers about our diatom preparations, please see our 100% positive eBay feedback on thousands of transactions: Diatom Lab eBay Shop. Diatom Lab sells products online (mainly direct by email order) or through our business eBay page to promote our products amongst private customers. Our eBay account name is “diatomshop” and we sell many very rare Diatom preparations on eBay.
They wrote about us: Bulletin of the Quekett Microscopical Club, Nov 2019, No.77, ISSN 1350-9128, pp 22-25: the article recognizes Diatom Lab preparations as expertly-prepared and three microscope images of our slides have been published, such as a detail of the Diatom Test Slide version 2.0 with the comment “image chosen by editor to show the incredible resolution of this excellent slide”
"The revelations of the Microscope are perhaps not excelled in importance by those of the telescope. While exciting our curiosity, our wonder and admiration, they have proved of infinite service in advancing our knowledge of things around us" (Joseph Leidy)

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